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Keycards and Carriers
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Keycards and Carriers


Always a “full house” in your hands

VingCard offers the most extensive range of keycards and RFID carriers to manage your property and access credentials for your guests and staff in the property.

Whether you have a traditional mag-stripe lock, a combo lock working with both mag-stripe and smart cards or the latest contactless RFID locks that are operated with RFID keycards and carriers, VingCard offers you the most suitable combination, enabling you to offer the right security level to your guests and maximize the benefits and functionality of your electronic locking system.

Mag-stripe keycards

VingCard offers a complete range of mag-stripe keycards which also enables you to personalize the card with information about your hotel or use it as an advertising space for third parties.

VingCard has both LoCo and HiCo mag-stripe keycards available. LoCo stands for low coercivity, HiCo for high coercivity. Coercivity refers to the density of the magnetic particles in the stripe. This density is measured in oersted (oe). LoCo has 300 oe, HiCo has 2750 oe. Data stored in the mag-stripe keyards may be affected when being close to magnetic fields. Therefore, HiCo keycards are more robust. Each type of mag-stripe keycard (LoCo or HiCo) requires its own specific encoder, whereas VingCard locks read both types of card.

Smart keycards

VingCard also provides a full range of smart keycards for its combo electronic locks. Typically, smart cards are used by hotel staff due to its ability to store and update information on the smart card itself. By doing so, you can retrieve staff activities (to see where your staff has been and when) as well as low battery reports without having to interrogate each individual lock.

Smart cards also allow you to conduct operations with the locks, without needing to use the locklink (synchronizing date and time, retrieving specific lock audit trail, low battery status, employee tracking, etc…)

VingCard Smart cards are also ready for multi-application with third parties at the hotel: POS, vending machines, etc…

A wide range of RFID (contactless) carriers

VingCard offers a wide range of RFID carriers that are especially designed for different applications (for guests, staff or VIP guests) and give you the opportunity to enhance your guests’ experience at your hotel.







Compatible with Near Field Communication (NFC) standards:

NFC technology enables RFID communication between our electronic locks and NFC-ready last generation cell phones.

  • Guests can receive an encrypted room key and room number to their cell phone prior to their arrival, thus no need to check in at front desk.
  • Guests can use their own NFC-ready cell phones to open VingCard RFID electronic locks.

Custom Keycard imprinting

With our custom keycard program, VingCard keycards can open doors to more than just your hotel locks. They can open the door to new business opportunities and allow you to increase your profits. With a customized impression, your keycards can be a useful tool to promote your property, your chain or even your suppliers. Promote property facilities, such as restaurants and shops, let your guests know about special events or advertise local businesses or theme parks. The possibilities are endless.

Contact us today to find out how you can customize your keycards to fit with your needs.