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RFID Locker Lock
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RFID Locker Lock


Secure every corner of your property

VingCard RFID locker lock provides high security and comfort for lockers and cabinets using proximity RFID carriers (RFID keycards, wristbands, keyfobs, etc.) instead of uncomfortable keys that require expensive maintenance.

The electronic components, locking mechanism and battery pack are all located on the inside of the locker to increase security and avoid manipulation or vandalism.

This device is the best solution for:

  • Spa/Wellness centers
  • Ski resorts
  • Golf clubs
  • Sport and gym centers


RFID contactless operated: locking and unlocking of the locker is triggered by bringing the RFID carrier near the reader.

Autonomous system: no need for cabling, standalone and battery operated.

Locker assignment: the user can select any free locker. Once occupied, the locker can only be opened by that specific card. Even though the card is not locker specific, it can only be used in one locker at a time.

Masters: possibility to create master cards, to manage all lockers in the property.

Compatible with VingCard RFID locking system: VingCard Locker Lock is fully compatible with VingCard RFID locking systems.

Customized: Owner can select whether the locker should be free of charge for guests or if it should be rented upon check-in.

How it Works:

The hotel can customize access to the locker when using RFID technology. Keycards can either be activated by default, when checking in a guest, or at a later time if needed. An RFID key prepared for a locker will be accepted by any vacant locker. Only the RFID key used to lock, or a master RFID key, can open the locker once it has been locked. The lockers are left open (vacant) after use. An RFID locker key has no time window and is therefore valid throughout the guest's stay.

When a locker is being locked using a guest RFID key, it writes information back to the RFID key. This means that this specific RFID key cannot operate any other locker until the first one has unlocked. In other words; one RFID key can only operate one locker at a time, avoiding multiple lockers being locked by the same key.