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Zamek VingCard Allure Zamek VingCard Essence


Allure by VingCard – Stay Trendy
Allure by VingCard is a highly innovative electronic locking solution with a unique, interactive design and more features than ever before available in a locking system. The refined, contemporary and intuitive concept and technology was created with the hotel designer in mind.

A flexible, design-centric hardware and software solution, Allure by VingCard is based on VingCard’s RFID locking platform. Through an interactive switch panel inside the room, guests may request privacy (DND) or ask for the room to be made up (MUR), and a LED light on the hallway panel alerts staff, so that guests are not disturbed unnecessarily.

Allure by VingCard offers a variety of smart panels to be placed on the wall next to the door, giving designers freedom of choice and eliminating lock hardware on the door. The lock’s LCD panel can showcase the hotel’s logo to allow for personalization, and can be easily updated. It also includes a doorbell button, displays the room number, and notifies the guest when the door has been unlocked.

Allure integrates VingCard’s most advanced contactless locking solutions into the interior electronics, including Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) compatible locking technology.


A modular concept

Zamek VingCard Allure

Based on modules, Allure by VingCard consists of a range of smart panels to meet your needs. Whether it is guestroom access control, a guestroom door bell, a “Make Up Room”/”Do Not Disturb” electronic sign etc. , you may choose the best solution for your property.


Unique Features Include:

The industry’s most advanced and secure RFID technology

Online connectivity with VISIONLINE Wireless (ZigBee) or VISIONLINE Wired (PoE)

Wall-mounted interactive LCD display

Wall reader with customizable intelligence and functionality

Wireless communication between wall and door unit

Stylish glass fronts

Inside glass panel for setting “Do Not Disturb” (DND) and Make Up Room (MUR) status

Standalone solution for DND/MUR setting and status display

Flexible design

Modular product solutions


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