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Zamek VingCard OriginalZamek VingCard Original


VingCard Original hotel locks created an industry. The Original card lock series is based on the same high quality mechanical design and engineering as VingCard's most advanced electronic locks for hotels. However, the hotel lock system requires no software, front desk equipment or batteries. The pre-punched keycard system allows you to create various levels of access, including master levels and staff hotel access control.

Locks re-coded in seconds

Guests are issued plastic keycards, while staff members still use conventional keys. The guest cards are pre-punched with one of over 4 billion possible combinations of holes, which match a corresponding code card in the guestroom lock. When a guest card is lost, the guestroom lock may be re-coded in seconds by inserting the new code card into a special coding unit in the lock.


  • No batteries, front desk equipment, wiring or PC required
  • Pre-punched keycards simplify front desk operations
  • Allows multiple levels of master access
  • Unique cylinder technology and fastening method for maximum security
  • Occupancy indicator for guest privacy
  • High security lockset with a full 1" steel deadbolt, 3/4" anti-pick latch for added strength and 2 piece anti-friction latch
  • High quality steel reinforced construction with solid brass handles
  • Self lubrication long life bearings tested to withstand over 1.2 million openings without visible sign of wear
  • Full mortise ANSI and EURO lock case options
  • "Panic release" - deadbolt and latch are automatically retracted by inside lever handle
  • 3-hour UL fire rating